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“Omar takes the time upfront to really dig into your business goals and what you are really asking for. Sure, you may be asking for a website but you are really asking for him to help find and drive the RIGHT people to your business. With a strong business sense and passion for helping his clients succeed, Omar is truly an asset to any business or organization looking to go to the next level. You get more value and more expertise than you pay for. ”

“Omar has the ability to communicate with purpose and compassion the message that you are trying to convey in ways that you may never even know existed. Omar has a talent for seeing hidden potential and connecting with people on a human level and is not just passionate about your website, he is passionate about helping clients reach their hidden potential!”

“Directly through Omar’s ideas, even down to the color scheme of the site itself, my site has increased traffic, but moreover has increased customer inquiries and that’s huge!  I cannot speak more highly of the genius Omar is when it comes to online marketing and web design.”

“Omar “treats the whole patient” in that before he will even BEGIN to design, he wants to understand the target market(s) and objective(s). Many people can design websites, but Omar is in a class by himself in that he “gets” marketing… realizing that you have to know where you’re going BEFORE you start the journey.”

Kevin Kinsella, Vistage Chair

Why Dios Design

Who Are We

Since 1998, Dios Design has partnered with small business entrepreneurs and professionals who understand the value of web marketing the right way… that is to consider others better than ourselves. Dios Design has a principal belief in how businesses should run and market themselves. 

Helping our clients live this out will in turn help them become the most valuable resource for their target market, the very people they want to help. This is the center of everything we do.

Whether you are a seasoned business looking to enhance your existing web marketing or just starting out with a limited budget, my amazing team and I can provide you with the web marketing solutions you need – small or large.

Call us at 630-423-5576 to learn how we can help you or simply fill out our contact form and one of our team members will get back to you within one business day. Thank you for visiting our website and we are looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Team Members

Omar Trevino

Omar Trevino is the President and Founder of Dios Design, a company specializing in helping small business owners use their web presence to generate quality leads and loyal clients. For over 20 years Omar has coached and trained small businesses on how to reach their target market’s by learning their most pressing needs and issues so that they can become their clients most valuable solution.

Steve Muscato

Steve Muscato is the principal of our partner company eyeBrand – a digital marketing consultancy and agency specializing in digital strategy and implementation for non-profits and small businesses. Steve shares over 25 years of Fortune 500 experience leading brand marketing, social media and digital marketing teams to help clients of Dios Design find, drive and engage the RIGHT leads and turn them into PROFITABLE clients.

April Persicketti

April Persicketti is our Website Support Manager and her primary objective is to assist our clients with their on-going website needs, updates and questions. April has been with us since 2006 and has been our primary resource of customer support and service.
Her prompt response to our customers needs is a breath of fresh air for our clients and she goes above and beyond to ensure our clients get what they need.

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